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(handles are an optional extra)COFFINS


Solid poplar coffin with rose inlay in the lid and matching wooden handles


Solid poplar coffin, white finish with gold trim


Solid poplar coffin mahogany colour with rose engraved into lid, gloss finish


Solid oak coffin, dark stain, splayed sides and double raised lid (available in gloss or satin finish)


Solid poplar coffin, black high gloss finish with gold trim


Solid medium oak coffin with "going home" picture on sides, also available without the picture


Solid oak coffin with panelled sides and double raised lid with a high gloss finish

Lichfield (Cherry)

Solid poplar coffin with cherry finish in gloss

Lichfield (Mahogany)

Solid poplar coffin with rich mahogany gloss finish


Solid oak coffin with a satin finish

Last Supper

Decorated with a Last Supper carving on each side and with a traditional raised lid, the coffin is optionally furnished with brass-effect handles and wreath holders. A white coffin suite compliments the interior. Cream interior also available.


A robust solid poplar traditional shape coffin, wrap-fitted with natural wool.

The kiln dried timber is assembled by hand and the natural wool textiles fitted to form a completely covered coffin including the underneath for comfort handling.

No polish or chemical lacquers are used in the timber assembly of this product. Only genuine Hillside products carry the logo.

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